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Brant Broughton

Church of England & Methodist Primary School

To be the Best I can be



This term Leopards project based learning is called 'Dinosaurs......' We are considering the essential question 'Could dinosaurs survive now?'

The children have begun to explore dinosaurs through lots of different means: books, computer research, fact files and pictures. We really enjoyed creating our own dinosaur fact files at the beginning of term. This gave the children a good baseline on one or two dinosaurs they had a particular interest in. Throughout our English lessons we will continue to write about dinosaurs. We are currently creating our own dinosaur acrostic poems. We will also be recreating a dinosaur story, creating our own dinosaur song and even performing it to others. 

In Art we have been continuing with the dinosaur theme. We have now finished creating our own dinosaur jigsaw puzzles; these look great! We had several attempts at drawing our favourite dinosaur before producing our final copy. The children have enjoyed playing them so far.

Our next Art project interlinks with our Topic lessons. The children are exploring dinosaurs through the use of a significant timeline. We have been looking at the three major periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. We are now finding out about which dionsaurs lived in those periods and what the habitats were like. Once we have delved deeper into this the children will choose their favourite period and habitat and create this in a shoe box. 

Unfortunately, our computing lessons are not dinosaur related. However, the children are really enjoying coding. We are looking at moving a van from A to B using our coding language. So far we have met: Move forward, turn left, turn right, deliver, start and stop. We are moving onto the repeat button and looking at finding the shortest route. Each child has a personalised login for Code for Life so they are able to track and record their progress each week. 

Again, Maths is not necessarily linked to dinosaurs, however we are working really hard in completing some challenging problems. We are curently working on addition and subtraction, in particular finding different ways of making a number and reading through word problems and highlighting the key and important information. Leopards are fantastic mathematicians and are really enjoying taking on these super tricky challenges.


We are really looking forward to the rest of term exploring and answering our key question ' Could Dinosaurs Survive Now?' Watch this space as our learning unfolds.