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Brant Broughton

Church of England & Methodist Primary School

To be the Best I can be

White Tigers

We are the Romans!

This term, White Tigers are trying to answer the question “What impact has the Roman Empire had on Britain today?

We will be exploring the history behind the Roman invasion, the artefacts and remains we have as a result of the Roman invasion and the impact of the Roman Empire. Our research will encompass art, history, geography, English, Maths and ICT as we work towards answering our essential question.

We launched the topic with a Roman themed day where children had the opportunity to dress as a Roman for the day. The day consisted of activities linked to Roman life, including an artefact dig, an army march and opportunities to understand how Roman children were entertained.

Following on from our experience day, children are exploring the life of Julius Caesar. With the intention of bringing  the children's learning to life, we are in the process of creating our very own movie based on the key events in his life. We are researching Julius Caesar using differnt means, such as books, videos, documentaries and the internet. From this the children have created specific lolly pop characters that represent the different people in Caesar's life. These characters will be used to create their movies. So check back for any updates on the upcoming movie of the year!!!!

In maths, children have been developing their knowledge of place value. Working hard and taking new challenges in their stride, White Tigers are proving to be budding mathematicians!