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Intent Statement

Our intention is to develop learners who are excited about, and well prepared for, the world around them.

We are determined that our surroundings affect the way we design our curriculum. We all learn in a small Lincolnshire village surrounded by beautiful countryside, remote from some of the problems affecting other towns in the area; big cities and other countries. For some of our learners, they have little experience of these places. For others of our learners, they come from homes where they experience the exciting side of city or international life on holidays and tourist trips.

The intent of our curriculum is to open up the wider world to our learners, specifically with reference to the 17 Global Goals of Sustainability, ensuring that our projects link to at least one of these goals. Each small term, at least one lesson will focus on the goals.

Our intent is that learning about a project is sustained over a longer term with the aim of producing usually three high quality outcomes that demonstrate children’s determination to achieve their best; attention to detail and resilience in redrafting and editing work to achieve a quality outcome.

We aim to include the local (and wider) community whenever possible, either through utilising skills; sharing our outcomes or creating community events or projects. Projects are led by a driving question to stimulate interest, discussion and lead to deep learning.

Pupils  should focus on a range of skills and knowledge that they build upon during their learning journey at Brant Broughton School. The skills are divided into a 2 year rolling programme so that learning is planned and sequenced with new knowledge and skills building on what has been already taught and towards clearly defined end points.

curriculum policy final draft

Please note, paper copies and further information can be obtained by contacting the school office. 

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