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Brant Broughton

Church of England & Methodist Primary School

To be the Best I can be


How did 1666 change Britain?

This term our topic has taken us way back in time to the Great Fire of London. We have completed Diary Entries from Samuel Pepys, having researched his writing and learnt the timeline of the events of the Great Fire. We have written newspaper reports that would have announced the end of the fire and looked at the different features of a newspaper. 

Our classroom has an exciting new addition of a raised platform, in which we can sneak away with a good book! We have been learning how to use this safely and each week we have new monitors whose sole job is to care for our books and keep the area tidy. We have discussed the safe way in which to get up and the correct way to come back down.

Within our science lessons we have concentrated on the different materials available to us and the materials that the houses of the Great Fire of London would have been made from. We made songs using our new specialist vocabulary we have learnt through our material exploration.

We have done lots of shopping within our maths lessons, with our very own Pudding Lane Bakery and shop within lessons. The year 2's can even give the correct change now! 

We are now looking forward to making our own 1666 style house and watch it go up flames! We will also be writing poems about fire and instructions on how to make bread.