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Brant Broughton

Church of England & Methodist Primary School

To be the Best I can be


What is needed to grow well?

This term our topic is focusing on the world around us and how different people, plants and animals grow. We are going to be looking at our local area as well as looking at countries around the world. the two main places that we are focusing on are Lincolnshire and Kenya. We are going to be exploring Lincolnshire food and historical people and looking at the Maasai tribe and comparing day to day life for us and a child living in Kenya. 

Our classroom is looking very colourful and the art work we have created so far looks fantastic and bright. Our work is starting to fill the walls already and we are very proud to see our questions, answers and facts up on display. 

We are going to be finding out lots of facts about different places. We have already thought of lots of things that we want to find out including 'What are their houses like?' and 'What animals live there?'

Our three mini outcomes will be:

  • To create a piece of art based on an African artist
  • To write our own version of 'We're going on a lion hunt'
  • To create a dish using food from Lincolnshire and Africa

Our final outcome will be linked to the charity Water Aid and hopefully we will be able to raise some money to donate to the charity.