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Brant Broughton

Church of England & Methodist Primary School

To be the Best I can be


This term, Pandas class will be answering our essential question: What makes a habitat a home?

We have already discovered that there are lots of different types of habitats found around the world and that we have many habitats in our school grounds! The children were extremly interested in looking at four areas where different habitats may be found: Desert, rainforest, polar and the ocean.  Although we can't actually visit any of these habitats, we have made a pretty good start with researching these areas and sharing our knowledge so far. 

The panda class LOVE going outside and exploring, so we have made this a focus this term.  Wherever possible we are outside for our learning; especially topic work.  We have already been explorers and found living creatures within the school grounds and written a passport based on the habitat, animals and location. 

We have four main outcomes that we would like to achieve this topic:

1. To create a presentation based on a habitat of choice. 
2. To create a new animal to live in a real habitat. 
3. To design a flow chart and complete a food diagram. 
4. To showcase our habitat knowledge to parents in a science fair exhibition. 

In literacy we have chosen a picture of a habitat (forest) we like and have started to plan a story for this. The story can be based on true events or could involve elements of imagination (I.E Talking animals).  So far we have just started to plan our ideas, however there are going to be some cracking stories. 

In Maths we have been focusing on place value.  This is an important aspect of understanding the subject of Maths as a whole. We are now able to order and round numbers up to 1 million confidently, read and write Roman numerals up to 9000 and work with negative numbers.  I am excited to move onto our next block: Operations.

During this term in topic we will be creating a presentation on a habitat.  This will be done in small groups and the children can choose how to present it.  This may be done on a poster, magazine, PowerPoint or a built model.  The idea is to allow the children  the freedom to research and create however they wish. 

Our classroom is looking fantastic! We already have work dangling from the ceiling AND stick insects residing near my desk.  We have expressed our wishes and dreams for 2017/18 on leaves, copied up some of our homework and placed it under the relevant question and found out about certain animals that live in one of our four main areas.  I am hoping our classroom will be full with colourful and exciting project work very soon.