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Brant Broughton

Church of England & Methodist Primary School

To be the Best I can be


This term, Pandas class will be answering our essential question: What makes us equal?

We are looking more specifically at African culture and how it is similar/differs to our own.

Over the course of this term we will be looking at achieving three main outcomes: 

1. To  plan a fundraising event. 

2. To learn an African dance or song to perform in our presentation of funds. 

3. Evaluate and present funds raised to our chosen charity. 

All of our learning is working towards our final outcome which is to present the funds we have raised over the term to our chosen charity. We plan to research charities that help people and families in Africa and choose one that we feel most captivated by. 
We plan to take part in the 'Fiver Challenge' later on in June- This will be something that becomes clearer to both the children and parents closer to the time. 

We are also looking at being active this term. This will be covered over a variety of dance lessons as we plan to learn an African dance that we will perform to the rest of the school and the charity of our choice. This allows us to engage in a cultural activity that is not too close to our own. 

Even though we do not have a writing outcome this term we are writing each day. So far we have written descriptions of an African street and started to research African tales. We are hoping to write two of our own African tales over the next few weeks as well as writing a letter as an African child and creating a story based on a savanna. 

In Art we have already created beautiful water colour sunsets and produced a first draft of our African dot paintings. In the near future we are going to recreate some Benin art out of clay and as well as recreate authentic African patterns in the shape of Africa.

In Maths we are focusing on units of measure, area and perimeter and volume. We are ensuring that we are able to answer fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions.

In Geography we are learning all about countries, continents and capital cities- we are now able to name and locate many of the countries found in Africa as well as explain their population, size and capital city.  We are also going to be learning how to use 4 and 6 figure grid references and how to read and use maps effectively. 

In History we are learning all Benin; its past, culture, art and the famous  story of Eweka. 

We are already loving our topic and can't wait to continue our learning, raise our funds and present a show stopping assembly. 

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