Being online is an integral part of children and young people’s lives. Social media, online games, websites and apps can be accessed through mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets – all of which form a part of children and young people’s online world.

The internet and online technology provides new opportunities for young people’s learning and growth, but it can also expose them to new types of risks.

E-safety forms a fundamental part of our schools’ safeguarding and child protection measures.

Our whole school approach to online safety helps ensure staff, governors, volunteers and parents teach children about online safety.

We see it as a dual responsibility with parents when it comes to e-safety: to ensure the school’s online procedures keep children and young people safe, and to teach them about online safety, in and outside of school.

Our school fosters an open environment in which children and young people are encouraged to ask any questions and participate in an ongoing conversation about the benefits and dangers of the online world.

We do this by:

  • create e-safety policies and procedures that will help us mitigate risk and respond to concerns
  • ensure teachers have the knowledge to teach students about e-safety
  • provide advice on using social media and live streaming
  • support and include parents and carers by sharing helpful advice and resources
  • review and update our e-safety provision on an ongoing basis.

E-safety is taught specifically in ICT lessons for all year groups and as part of Relationships education taught to all pupils. We also include an annual focus on internet safety as part of Internet Safety Day in February. As well as these planned events, we take opportunities as they arise to reinforce these messages in response to specific events. School uses resources from the NSPCC, Lincolnshire Safeguarding Board and other organisations to support them us in school.


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